• The Role of a Spiritual Person in a Civil Society

    As a result of there measures with time, NGOs today impact procedures along with improve effort which at the same time was nearly an special "rights" of government and coporations. NGOs humanitarian companies have become crucial role to the well-being of individuals and societies through the entire globe. In some discovered places, NGOs have proven history than government in company distribution and/or answering specific needs.


    NGOs occupy a certain position in the culture which makes them unique and unique in their approach to dilemmas and need for accountability. If the very first industry, which can be community, fails in her company delivery, there is generally a fast guide to guide from the second industry, which can be private. And where private fails in conference her obligations, the 3rd industry, which is the non-profit, where in fact the NGOs operate easily, comes to support. Nevertheless, the only civil society Turkey that cannot afford to crash is the next - NGOs.


    Though the term procurement in present cycle management is somewhat a new notion in our anti-corruption initiatives, particular in Africa, NGOs'distinctive opportunities and publicity have availed them the needed skills to participate at quick notice, and advocate for a corruption-free procurement regime. But with more awareness on issues of budget checking and electoral matters previously, many NGOs could have overlooked out the real situation around Public Procurement Crime (PPC).


    As the initiatives of the Earth Bank is very good to take the original positive part of identifying the requirement for exposition in the way, and to take steps to instruct the "ever-ready" NGOs on the new concern facing the society, it's significant to advise it is merely a sustained struggle and constant collaboration with CSOs which will help.


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