• Redress of Poetry - Can a Poet Redress Through Poetry?

    By redress Heany means to right anything that's unfair or wrong. It also means consolation, settlement, improve or reassure. Therefore redress of poetry means to eliminate or correct improper notions that occur in the prevailing world. The question of redress of poetry contains if the poetry is of any use, whether it allows confidence to person, if it allows some guarantee or not, whether it's an aesthetic function or even a pragmatic work.


    I think a poet is an essential element of a state who not only will redress through poetry but also can recover a nation's pleasure, Allama Iqbal Poetr correct the incorrect doings and may also amend the position of a nation. Meant for my notions I would like to position the exemplory case of Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal, named as'the poet of east '. He not just redressed through his poetry but in addition set a way towards assurance and development, restoration and rejuvenation of a swooned nation.


    Poetry is not only the language of defining the looks of one's favorite, or explaining the face expressions of a splendor you come across in your everyday life and fall in love initially view or so. Poetry may be the voice of one's deepest innermost. It is not confined or shouldn't be restricted to simply defining the beloved's qualities or one's thoughts about the beloved or simply creating a confession of falling in love.


    Poetry has a great canvas to cover, to color a picture of the vast and countless world. It deserves the details of destiny of mankind, location of individuals and may also cause a way how a human being can change to being human.


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