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    Jay Sarraf currently works as an Engineering Professor at the School of Computer Engineering, and as a social media influencer by the end of the day. He is a multi-faceted, self-starter & reliable IT professional with 3+ years of experience supporting marketing and development of machines and human beings! Aren't we the best machine?!


    His Research areas are Signal & Image Processing, Brain-Computer Interface. So if you are lost, or sad Jay has your solution. Also, the professor com influencer com engineer com consultant is a Public Speaker and Motivator by passion.


    Jay Sarraf is also passionate about social work. He believes in bringing change through practices of socialism with the deprived community. He follows the principles of Dr Achyuta Samanta who works on the Mission of zero poverty and zero hunger by providing education to everyone by all means. Jay has been an activist when it comes to the social welfare of people, a Kickstarter for various welfare programs and organizer of social events involving his students to preserve, preach and teach the philosophy of Art of Giving for the underprivileged community through technical, mental and physical processes.


    His research career started researching in the field of LBS (location-based services) and GPS tracking during his graduate internship, developing an app for school bus tracking and attendance system. Further, he decided to continue his post-graduation joining KIIT University where he started working in the area of Signal and Image processing. Focusing in the area of Brain-Computer Interface, a mind-reading technology primarily focusing on neuroprosthetics application that aims to recover disabled hearing, sight and movement.


    His post-graduate thesis describes his contribution on EEG based oscitancy classification system and accident prevention, where a driver is not allowed to drive the car if he/she is drunk.

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