• Exploring Oatlands, Freycinet National Park and Bicheno

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    Oatlands was among a string of military stations established in 1813 during the construction of the old Midlands Hwy by convict sequence gangs. Colonial Governor Lachlan Macquarie ordered the making of the street in 1811, to connect the southern settlement of Hobart with the upper settlement of Launceston. During a later journey, he decided places for the townships en path, labeling them following areas in the British Isles.


    The trail went through the region of Tasmania corresponding in title and geography to that of the British Midlands region, providing it its unique title, but since the 1990s it has been dubbed the Heritage Hwy.https://www.sgpark-colonial.com/


    Oatlands soon became among the colonial training prevents for early travellers. Today, it has the richest endowment of Georgian structures in the country, primarily made of regional sandstone, including the 1829 courthouse and St Peter's Church (1838). As a result, the township is labeled by the National Trust. Their many special developing, the Oatlands Flour Generator, was in operation until 1890.The Freycinet Peninsula on the east coast of Tasmania is really a extended, thin throat of land jutting south, dominated by the granite peaks of the Hazards Hill Range.


    Called after an early on French maritime explorer, the peninsula contains sea beaches on its western rim and secluded coves and inlets to the west. The fishing community of Coles Bay lies in the largest cove, reinforced by the Hazards. Freycinet National Park on the tip of the peninsula is criss-crossed with walking songs along shores, over mountains, around headlands and across lagoons.


    Typically the most popular walk is Wineglass Bay - a short, high trip up and within the saddle of the mountains. The blue seas of the bay are cupped against a crescent of wonderful mud, which influenced the name.The travel up the east shore is a highlight of Tasmania. You will find water views, cliffs, sandy coves and marshlands inhabited by dark swans. There are lots of small towns en option such as Orford and Swansea for over night stays.

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