• Evidence For God - Proof God Exists!

    The facts or untruth of the record isn't based upon evidence or lack of evidence, but by explanation alone.While "Clever Design" skeptics may possibly state there's no proof of Lord, the actual scientific evidence for God's living is frustrating, scientifically addressing the issue, "does Lord occur?"


    What's it about atheists that they would spend therefore long, attention and energy refuting something which they don't really believe also exists? Many atheists are merely nasty ex-religious forms who have become john macarthur apologetics by the behavior of "bad working Christians or Muslims" or point out the atrocities and deaths attributed to structured religions in past generations, or go through the fallibility of old scriptures thereby discarding all of them, basically "tossing the baby out with the bathwater."


    Not everyone allows the "Sacred Bible" or Quran as being ample "evidence" for the living of a Inventor God, and that is perfectly understandable. There is some evidence contained in the Bible, like the 300 or so Messianic prophecies achieved by Jesus the Christ, at the very least according to the gospels as they were written, but there exists many cynical atheists who strongly state there is number scientific "evidence" of God. They will say,


    Scientific-minded atheists do not, for probably the most portion, take particular experiences, spiritual epiphanies, circumstantial or historical evidence for God or the afterlife; for them, empirical lab "evidence" is the thing that matters. Are these hostile, closed-minded unbelieving atheists seeking an excessive amount of? Oddly enough, that writer was previously an unbelieving agnostic/atheist. How spiritually ignorant of me!


    Now, the mathematical and logical event discerned from modern technology is that living can not have just been an "accident." Mathematical probabilities that significantly complex organs including the mind, the eyes, the organs etc. are only shaped by "arbitrary chance" is minimal and even laughable to actually suggest.An incredible variety of scientists are bewildered by the extravagant style of the world and acknowledge possible or likelihood of an intelligent designer. Many famous physicists and cosmologists have all gone on report as knowing the aim truth of the fine-tuning of life and the universe.

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