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    Before long nevertheless, I saw how bare it absolutely was to care about producing things and offering them... and the emptiness created me fully abandon the factory and start publishing my guide about the meaning of dreams and our intellectual health.However I am pleased since I have all of this knowledge about marketing, even if I don't really like it and I still am a tourist in my own store.


    What I want to talk about today is the importance of particular contact together with your customer. I experienced that store because 1993. Most of my clients are normal ones, and we're friends.Conversations are psychotherapy too. I have helped many of my clients at the keep solve their mental issues, and I've seen a lot their behavior too.


    I really could tell you many intriguing cases... For example, one summer we were offering trousers in various email search , and one customer very much liked the yellow trousers. She attempted them, but didn't find them the initial time.Well, this really is really frequent, since our garments are very costly, but of exceptional quality. Therefore, we are used to hearing people say that "they'll consider it and come again later"... organized to purchase whatever they desire.


    Exactly the same client came ultimately back to our keep about 3 x and tried again the yellow trousers, but she never bought them. Everytime she would arrived at the keep we realized that she'd simply look again at the orange trousers or possibly even decide to try them again, however only leave, with bare hands.The yellow trousers kept in the store even when we continued sale.


    One day the exact same customer came again and we told her joyously: you're really happy! You will finally buy the yellow trousers and spend 30% down the first value!Nevertheless, she viewed the trousers again, evaluating them as though that has been initially that she had observed these trousers in her living, telling people really skeptically: "I'm not so sure here is the correct color", and didn't purchase them!


    Not really when the price transpired, and following so many trips and verifications.Usually, the consumers buy our garments, but following asking people several issues, trying them on, etc.Sometimes, only since we're near them and we make them ultimately decide what they want, they do finish with this matter and purchase anything, usually they would stay static in our keep forever, considering and thinking, without determining anything.


    Now, think of what are the results on the web, wherever you don't also see your customers... You've to sell them your items without particular contact, which means that you don't have the opportunity to help them choose to finally obtain what they want.This is why you have to provide them many explanations, guessing their questions and worries, besides being clear, and without providing them with too many possibilities, otherwise they will never choose any such thing, and you'll sense frustrated with the results.


    Show patience and light with the general public, and make them as much as you can, without losing your temper when nothing operates, because often times the main reason that you are perhaps not selling your products and services is really because your visitors are not prepared to get them yet.


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